The GRAPH Network

The Global Research and Analyses for Public Health (GRAPH) Network is a community of professionals, universities, NGOs, and international organizations working in the fields of Public Health, Software Development, Social Science and Education. We provide training, research and data analysis services to governmental units, NGOs, and private enterprises.


InfoDengue is an early-warning system to all states of Brazil, the system is based on the continuous analysis of hybrid data generated through the research of climate and epidemiological data and social scraping.


Health Data Hub & Data Analysis Ecosystem for Rapid Epidemic Outbreak Response.


Arx compiler aims to provide arrow datatypes as native datatypes.


pyOpenSci promotes open and reproducible research through peer-review of scientific Python packages.


A Python package for data structures and algorithms.


Institute for Globally Distributed Open Research and Education (IGDORE) is an independent research institute dedicated to improving the quality of science, science education, and quality of life for scientists, students and their families.