Discord is our main comunication tool for our community. The direct link to our discord is /discord.


Each channel has a unique name with a prefix, according to the category. For example, a channel inside the category Python starts with the prefix py-.

Some category name are long and some times it is hard to find a prefix for that. But, it is important that the prefix has some relation to the category.




We use bots to help us to maintain our server.


For ranking we are using MEE6. We don't have any activity our any rewards using the ranking score, but maybe in the future we can use it.


Dyno bot is used for maintainance tasks, such as:

  • welcome message
  • ban users
  • block users
  • etc (TODO: add all the options used)


YAGPDB.xyz bot is used for categories subscription.

For more information about how to use it, check the following tutorial:


When you have the group and the roles configured on YAGPDB.xyz, the next step is to create a custom messsage on discord, in the channel you want to have this subscription mechanism.

  1. In the message, add a title, a general description and the emoticons and theirs meaning (https://unicode.org/emoji/charts/full-emoji-list.html).
  2. Get the message ID (you need to activate the development mode)
  3. Run the following command !yagpdb-rolemenu create (group name) -m (message id) -nodm, where (group name) and (message id) are placeholders and should be replaced by the correct values.

Note: An alternative to yagpdb would be carl-bot. But for now, yagpdb.xyz seems to be working properly for our needs.


We have an internal channel for discussions about discord: #collab-devops-discord.

Alos, there is a discord server for development, where we can test bots, new configurations or new features.

If you want to join that server, you need to ask it in #collab-devops-discord channel.