Open Science Labs (OSL) Affiliation Program

Connect, Collaborate, and Contribute to the Future of Open Science and Open Source Projects

Join our OSL Affiliation Program to become a part of a unique community committed to advancing open science and open-source solutions. This initiative aims to bridge the gap between organizations, researchers, and professionals, offering a platform for meaningful discussions and collaboration.

Key Features of the OSL Affiliation Program

🔒 Exclusive Access

As an affiliated member, you will have access to specific channels on our platform where you can discuss an array of topics, including:

  • Collaboration and partnerships
  • Services related to open science and open-source technologies
  • Job opportunities and talent recruitment

📜 Commitment to Code of Conduct

To ensure the integrity and focus of these discussions, we require all affiliated members to be committed to our code of conduct. These channels are dedicated exclusively to conversations around open science and open-source projects.

🤝 Inter-Project Collaboration

Seize the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded organizations or individuals, share ideas, and engage in joint projects that further the cause of open science and open source.

How to Become an Affiliated Member

  1. Read our Code of Conduct: Understand our values and commitments before you apply.

  2. Fill out the Application Form: Provide the necessary details to become a part of our Affiliation Program.

  3. Engage: Once approved, join the exclusive channels and start collaborating!

What's Coming: Premium Affiliation

We have exciting plans to expand the Affiliation Program with a Premium Affiliation tier that will offer additional benefits and opportunities for engagement. Stay tuned for more information!

Why Join the OSL Affiliation Program?

  • Focused Discussions: Engage in relevant and meaningful conversations with a specialized audience.

  • Networking: Gain exposure to a wide network of professionals and organizations in the field of open science and open-source technologies.

  • Contribute to the Ecosystem: Play an active role in shaping the future of open science and contribute to a thriving ecosystem.

Become a part of the OSL Affiliation Program today and be a catalyst for positive change in the world of open science and open source!