Our Fiscal Sponsor: The GRAPH Network #

Open Science Labs (OSL) is proud to be in partnership with The GRAPH Network, an esteemed organization dedicated to fostering research and development across various domains. Acting as our fiscal sponsor, The GRAPH Network plays a crucial role in the financial management of our projects, enabling us to focus on what we do best: driving innovation and collaboration in open science.

The GRAPH Network operates under the legal representation of ASCRES, which serves as the legal entity managing our fiscal responsibilities. This partnership simplifies the complex bureaucracy often associated with managing funds and paying collaborators, allowing OSL to devote more energy towards our projects and community initiatives.

Financial Management and Fees #

A crucial aspect of our collaboration involves the financial management of incoming funds for projects. To ensure the smooth operation of this process, ASCRES/The GRAPH Network charges a fixed fee of 30% of the incoming funds. This fee covers the costs associated with bureaucratic tasks, including legal fees and personnel involved in managing these operations.

In addition to the fiscal management fee, OSL also allocates a 30% fee from incoming funds to support our ongoing operations, including server maintenance, domain registration, and funding new initiatives. While the majority of our contributors currently volunteer their time and expertise, our goal is to move towards compensating all individuals involved in our projects.

Requirements for Grant Proposal or Funding Requests #

In any grant proposal or funding request, it is essential to explicitly mention ASCRES/The GRAPH Network to ensure the proper receipt and management of funds. It also ensures that all parties involved are acknowledged and supported throughout the process.

Looking Ahead #

Our collaboration with The GRAPH Network and ASCRES is more than just a fiscal sponsorship; it's a partnership that empowers us to achieve our mission of promoting open science and technology. As we continue to grow and support more projects, we are grateful for the stability and support that The GRAPH Network provides. Together, we are making strides towards a future where open science can flourish, thanks to the dedication and hard work of everyone involved.