Google Summer of Code- Week 4th & 7th Midterm Evaluation #

In this article, I will share the progress for Week 4th week to 7th week for my contribution to Open-science labs as a part of Google Summer of Code 2023.

As my Google Summer of Code journey continued, I found myself faced with an exciting yet daunting task: implementing a whole new build-system as an option for templates in the esteemed Open-Science Lab. This endeavor demanded meticulous planning, unwavering dedication, and the exploration of various build-systems, including Maturin, Hatchling, Scikit-build, and pybuild11.

In this period, I started working on to add support for Maturin build-system.

Maturin #

Maturin was the first build-system I explored. Its unique approach of building Python bindings for Rust libraries intrigued me, and I wondered if it could provide a novel solution to the lab's needs. The seamless blending of Python and Rust offered the potential for unparalleled performance and memory efficiency in research projects. However, I faced a steep learning curve to master the intricacies of Rust and its integration with Python. Overcoming these challenges was a significant achievement, and I managed to create a functional prototype that demonstrated Maturin's potential to revolutionize the Open-Science Lab's workflow. My contribution to this issue is here

After merging this pull request, I started to add support for Hatchling build-system.

Hatchling #

Hatchling known for its user-friendly nature, was my next target. It promised to simplify the build and deployment processes, which could be particularly beneficial for newcomers to the lab and projects with straightforward requirements. Integrating Hatchling into the lab's ecosystem required thorough documentation and integration tests to ensure its smooth adoption. Overcoming initial hurdles, I was elated to see the positive response from the lab's community as they began adopting Hatchling for their projects. My contribution to this issue is here

After completetion of this issue, I jumped to a task to add support for Scikit-Build-Core.

Scikit-build-core #

Scikit-build-core a cross-platform build-system, offered a robust option for integrating CPython extensions. While challenging to implement, I recognized its potential to support projects with complex native code dependencies. My experience with Scikit-build exposed me to advanced build and packaging concepts, and I was thrilled to see it complementing the existing build-systems in the lab, catering to a broader range of projects. My contribution to this issue is here

Conclusions #

In conclusion, my Google Summer of Code experience with implementing new build-systems for the Open-Science Lab was a transformative journey. Overcoming hurdles with Maturin, embracing user-friendliness with Hatchling, exploring the potential of Scikit-build.I realized the importance of innovation and adaptability in the world of open-source development. This experience has not only enriched my technical skills but also instilled in me a passion for contributing to projects that drive positive change in the world of scientific research. As I look to the future, I am excited to continue this journey, collaborating with the open-source community to create solutions that empower researchers and advance the boundaries of knowledge.

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