Affiliations at Open Science Labs #

Open Science Labs (OSL) believes in the power of collaboration and community to drive forward the mission of open science. Our affiliations are designed to foster strong connections between individuals, projects, and organizations, creating a vibrant ecosystem where open-source and scientific research can flourish. Through our affiliation options, we aim to provide a supportive network that enables shared learning, development, and growth. Currently, OSL is proud to offer some distinct pathways for affiliation:

  • Project Affiliation is tailored for open-source projects seeking support and visibility within the OSL community. This affiliation provides projects with resources, mentorship, and access to a network of like-minded individuals committed to the advancement of open science.

  • Partnership is designed for organizations and institutions that align with OSL's goals and values. Through collaborative efforts, partnerships enhance the reach and impact of open science initiatives, contributing to a broader community of practice and knowledge sharing.

  • OpenHub offers local and regional groups a platform to connect, share resources, and collaborate on projects. This affiliation fosters community engagement and allows for the exchange of ideas and best practices on a more intimate level.

Each affiliation option is crafted to meet the diverse needs of our community members, from individual contributors to large institutions. By joining forces under these affiliations, we can collectively work towards a future where open science is the norm, not the exception. Explore our affiliation opportunities to find out how you can become an integral part of the Open Science Labs ecosystem.