Statement on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion #

OSL Description #

Open Science Labs (OSL) is a community that offers an open space to share, learn and teach topics related to Open Science and Computational Technologies to the public in Latin America, but not restricted to it.

OSL Mission #

Create an open collaborative space for organic learning among all members of the community. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is one of the community's core values.

OSL Results #

Creation of local groups for knowledge dissemination. Acculturation of collaborative and open work practices. Activities for knowledge dissemination (blog, videos).

OSL DEI Statement #

OSL recognizes that the pedagogical processes associated with the development of new skills and abilities are long term and are the result of the investment of time, the acceptance of diversity in equitable and fair conditions, perseverance and, above all, the cumulative impact of decisions framed by our purpose as an organization. Therefore, OSL sets its goals to achieve measurable progress in advancing DEI in four aspects:

  1. Capabilities: We will help the community of people with an interest in mastering open technologies and applying them in science, to develop the necessary capabilities to achieve this by generating diversity, equity and inclusion that is observable in their work and interaction spaces.
  2. DEI with meaning: We will assume our actions and work as an organization with a positive and intentional focus on DEI among those who make up OSL in their different roles as collaborators, volunteers and Steering Council members.
  3. Diverse Open Science: As a result of developing our current and future initiatives, we will achieve a more diverse community of people interested in technology in the field of open science.
  4. COC and DEI working together: We will establish a Code of Conduct (COC) to ensure the establishment of positive practices towards the respect of all people and their considerations in terms of intellectual, academic and personal honesty in the development of our activities.

Based on this, our community considers the following parameters with respect to the DEI:

  • Diversity: Our community is open to multiple demographics, social, political, identities, perspectives and backgrounds.

  • Equity: Those who make up our community, as well as its different groups and work teams, have access to all the opportunities and activities that we carry out as we organize them explicitly seeking to eliminate the barriers that have historically prevented the participation of minority or excluded groups.

  • Inclusion: Everyone in our community experiences a sense of belonging, high levels of commitment to the activities in which they participate, and shared and mutually expressed respect.