Call for Interns 2024-02

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This program presents valuable opportunities for both mentors and student/collaborators to engage and grow, despite being an unpaid initiative.

Summary of steps to got into internship program #

  • Choose a project of your interest. Please read the project ideas document and see if yout meet the prerequisites or the stack required (normally the mentor rejects applicants if they do not meet the stack required)
  • Contact to the project mentor through email with the following info.
    • Curriculum Vitae
    • The project name
    • Project idea name
    • Motivation for wanting to collaborate on that specific project.
  • The mentor will assign you a minor issue to solve. (This step is required to verify if the applicant is able to solve the project tasks.)
  • After solving the issue The mentor will ask you to fill a form via google forms.
  • The selected applicant will be contacted via email on May 20.

Candidates should have a basic understanding of Git and how to contribute. For guidance, we recommend reading this blog post designed for first-time contributors. Additionally, to stay informed about announcements related to the Internship Program, candidates are encouraged to join the OSL Discord.

Please keep in mind about the timeline, and if you have any more questions do not hesitate to contact us at

Timeline #

The following is the timeline for the OSL Internship Program Cycle 2024-02:

  • April 22: Call for Interns/Apprentices opens.
  • May 13: Deadline for Interns/Apprentices applications.
  • May 20: Announcement of approved Interns/Apprentices and start of the bonding period
  • May 27: Official Start Date of Internship Period; an alternative for projects not selected by GSoC to run under the OSL Internship Program with The Graph Network support.
  • July 8: Mid-term Evaluation.
  • August 26: Final Evaluation.
  • September 3: Official End Date; Certification process begins.

Info about participating Projects #

Below is the list of projects participating in the current internship cycle. Each entry provides key details to assist candidates in understanding the scope and requirements of the projects.

ArtBox #

  • Description: ArtBox is a tool set for handling multimedia files with a bunch of useful functions.
  • Category: Multimedia Processing.
  • Organization/Project Webpage URL:
  • Contact: Ivan Ogasawara
  • Project Ideas URL:

ArxLang/ASTx #

Envers #

fqlearn #

pymedx #

Makim #

noWorkflow #

SciCookie #

Sugar #

ES-Journals #

Growth-Forge #

Useful Materials and Courses #

  • First Time Contributors: In this blog post you will find useful information about how to do your first contribution in projects.
  • Software Carpentry Lessons: Offering tutorials on Git, Bash, Python, R, and more, these lessons are invaluable for building a strong foundation in software development. Access the lessons at Software Carpentry.
  • Udacity CS212 - Design of Computer Programs: This course, taught by Peter Norvig, delves into advanced programming topics and is an excellent way to deepen your understanding of computer programs. Enroll in the course at Udacity CS212.
  • The GRAPH Network Courses: Explore a range of courses offered by The GRAPH Network, tailored to various aspects of data analysis. Find the courses at The GRAPH Network Courses. These resources provide a great opportunity to prepare effectively for the Internship Program and to develop a broad skill set in software development and data analysis.