What is Open Science Labs (OSL)? #

Open science labs is a community that aims to gather people from all parts of the world (specially from latin america countries) and create an open space for teaching, learning and sharing topics around open science and computational tools.

What activities do you perform? #

We create and contribute to the OpenSource community focused on Open Science, creating articles about Open Science tools, DevOps Projects, Data Science and Open Hardware. We also have information exchange spaces through Discord and we develop Mentoring and specific training processes, favoring the acquisition of new skills in those who contact us.

Who are the members of Open Science Labs? #

In the community there are several curious people with different professions and who perform various activities and collaborate on a voluntary basis. Some of the professions of those who are part of Open Science Labs are: technical skills in electricity, environmental engineering, fullStack developers, political science and computer engineering, all located in different parts of Latin America.

How can I contribute to the community? #

  • You can fill out the form below so that we can contact you and coordinate a video call to set up activities, click here

  • Or you can also request that your contribution as an article or source code be shared on the community's social media or repository, through Discord. Once your contribution is incorporated, it will be Open Source with a license type CC BY-SA 4.0 and your name will be added to the list of contributors to Open Science Labs.

Do you offer mentoring? #

Yes, to become an OSL mentee just fill out this [form]https://github.com/OpenScienceLabs/request-forms/issues/new/choose?fbclid=IwAR3pDhR5soLQJrgKTUzmT9I1ty8rEyMTtn8LarkDzdDqkUadQc_ugwX5IsE) and we will notify you as soon as possible if we have a mentor available. You can also be a tutor or mentor by filling out this other form here.

What specific activities are you currently doing? #

At Open Science Labs we are working on:

  • Implementation and maintenance of our website.
  • DevOps mentoring.
  • Tool guides for R and other frequently used tools in Open Science.
  • Creation of articles on emerging technologies and Open Science.
  • Management of social media.

Are you paying them anything? #

No, the community is maintained thanks to the volunteers who give their free time to the community. However, we are planning to get support to sustain our work.

I have some suggestions. How do I contact OSL? #

You can do it through Discord. There is almost always an administrator who can answer you. Discord Group

Who manages OSL? #

We have a Steering Council, which meets weekly to set activities and goals for the community.

What type of license does Open Science Labs have? #

Everything we share is under the CC BY-SA 4.0 License, meaning that you can share, redistribute or transform the material as long as: proper credit is given to the author and that if you transform them they must be distributed under the same license. For more details about the license you can visit the Creative Commons website Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 Internacional.

What is your motivation for contributing to the Open Source community? #

We believe that education and technology should be as accessible as possible for everyone. And to achieve this, Open Science Labs is a good place!