Open Science Labs (OSL) Packaging Support Program #

Laying the Groundwork for Conda Packaging #

At Open Science Labs, we're laying the groundwork for a future-focused Packaging Support Program. Our vision is to assist projects with packaging libraries within the robust Conda/Conda-Forge ecosystem. While our full suite of services is still under development, we are currently engaged in internal activities aimed at equipping our associated projects with the knowledge and skills necessary to begin packaging with Conda-Forge.

Current Initiatives #

Our present efforts center on:

  • Internal Training: Offering guidance and support to our affiliated projects as they navigate the intricacies of Conda and Conda-Forge.
  • Foundation Building: Establishing the baseline practices and infrastructure required for effective Conda packaging.

Future Plans #

Looking ahead, we are excited about the potential to expand our support, which will include:

  • Comprehensive Training: Developing training programs to help the wider community in packaging and distribution.
  • On-Demand Packaging: Providing targeted assistance to projects needing to package and distribute their libraries effectively.

Get Involved #

As we build these initiatives, we invite you to:

  1. Stay Tuned: Watch for updates on the rollout of our full Packaging Support Program.
  2. Get Familiar: Start by learning about Conda and Conda-Forge, and explore how packaging can benefit your projects.
  3. Prepare for the Future: Consider how enhanced packaging support can address distribution challenges within your projects.

We're excited to pave the way for advanced packaging solutions within the OSL community. Join us in this journey, and let's push the boundaries of open science together!