Open Science Labs (OSL) Partners Program #

Forging Synergistic Partnerships in the Realm of Open Science and Open Source #

Join the esteemed ranks of our existing partners like EpiGraphHub, The Graph Network, Alerta Dengue, PyOpenSci, ArxLang, PyDataStructs, and IGDORE. At Open Science Labs, we believe in the strength of collaboration and mutual growth. Our Partners Program aims to build a rich network among groups dedicated to open science and open-source initiatives.

What We Offer #

🎙️ Webinars and Events #

  • Webinars: Join us in webinars on our platforms to talk about your projects and plans.

  • Conferences & Unconferences: Collaborate with us and other partners to organize impactful events, both structured and informal.

🤝 Community and Infrastructure Access #

  • Gain unparalleled access to our dynamic community and infrastructure.

💡 Internship Recommendations #

  • Utilize the talent from our community for internships through the Open Science Labs Internship Program.

📦 Packaging Support #

  • Add packages that you need to our community wishlist in the Packaging Support Program.

Eligibility and Criteria #

  • Who Can Apply?: Groups, communities, or projects that are related to open science or open source.

  • Code of Conduct: Candidates must commit to our Code of Conduct to maintain the integrity and focus of our combined missions.

  • Social Media Collaboration: Any assistance in amplifying our mutual initiatives through social media is highly appreciated.

How to Join #

  1. Read Our Code of Conduct: Familiarize yourself with our principles and standards.

  2. Apply: Fill out our application form, detailing how your group aligns with open science or open-source domains.

  3. Engage: Once approved, we will mutually announce our partnership and you can start enjoying the myriad of benefits and collaborations that come with it.

Why Become a Partner? #

  • Network Benefits: Leverage the extensive network from all affiliated groups.

  • OSL Programs: Benefit from other OSL Programs like Packaging Support, Internship Program, etc.

  • Enhanced Visibility: Gain more exposure through our webinars, conferences, and social media channels.

Join us today to foster a collaborative environment and drive the future of open science and open-source projects.