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[Project Proposal Name] #

Candidate Info #

  • Name: [Candidate's Name]
  • GitHub: [Candidate's GitHub URL]
  • Email: [Candidate's Email]
  • Twitter/X: [Candidate's Twitter/X URL]
  • University Course: [Current or Last University Course Name]
  • University: [Current or Last University Name]
  • Time Zone: [Candidate's Current Timezone]


[Provide a one or two-paragraph bio of the candidate.]

Project Overview #

  • Project: [Desired Project Name]
  • Project Idea/Plan: [Desired Project Idea]
  • Expected Time (hours): [Total Time Dedicated Over 3 Months]

Abstract #

[Provide a brief abstract of the project idea/plan.]

Mentors #

[List the mentors for this project proposal.]

Implementation Plan #

[Describe the tasks according to the project plan/idea.]

Benefits to the Community #

[Explain how the project will benefit the community or users.]

Planned Workflow #

[Detail your planned workflow, including the project management methodology, frequency and focus of mentor meetings, progress tracking, and task management strategies.]

Deliverables #

[List all expected deliverables, such as new features, documentation updates, tutorials, and blog posts. Consider writing a blog post for each major feature or bug fix.]

Timeline #

[Provide a detailed timeline for this project proposal, including key dates and tasks. This should include Community Bonding Period activities, task periods, blog post submission dates, and Midterm and Final evaluation schedules.]

Dates Tasks

Previous Contributions to the Project #

[Summarize your contributions to the project, including the number of merged PRs, resolved issues, or types of contributions.]

Pull Requests #

[List all contributed PRs with titles, numbers, links, and their status.]

Pull Request Title/Number Status

Issues #

[List all resolved issues with titles, numbers, links, and their status.]

Issue Title/Number Status

Why This Project? #

[Explain your motivation for choosing this project.]

Availability #

[Confirm your availability during the GSoC period, including weekly hours, other commitments, and a plan for catching up if behind schedule.]

Post-GSoC #

[Outline any plans for continuing contributions to the project post GSoC.]