OSL Internship Program

Open Science Labs Internship Program

The Open Science Labs Internship Program aims to promote the engagement of a wider audience in the realm of open-source software development.

Program Features

Each intern will be paired with a mentor who is an active member of the community. The mentor will provide guidance to the intern in achieving the specific goals of the internship. The internship will involve a series of activities and contributions to open-source projects. The internship is expected to have a minimum duration of 2 months and a maximum of six months.

The Graph Network, legally represented by ASCRES, is our Fiscal Sponsor and will be in charge of all the necessary paperwork.

Currently, we are aiming students from Bolivian Universities, but we will open for other countries soon.

Stages of the Internship Program

Call for Applications and Selection

Once the projects for the internship program are defined, a call for applications will be announced for interested candidates (duration: 2 weeks).

The selection process, overseen by project mentors and maintainers, will last for 1 week.

Upon completion of the selection process, necessary formalities will be conducted to finalize the onboarding.


Throughout the internship, students will be required to submit monthly reports detailing their activities. These reports will include a record of hours spent and milestones achieved.

Completion of the Internship Program

The internship will conclude upon fulfilling the stipulated hours, at which point a certificate will be issued to acknowledge the successful completion of the internship. The internship may also be terminated if the intern consistently misses scheduled meetings or fails to meet agreed-upon activity milestones.

Requirements to Join the Internship Program

Proficiency in English at least to an intermediate level. Basic knowledge related to the project to which the intern intends to contribute. Agreement to adhere to the established Codes of Conduct within the community.

For any further inquiries, please contact our dedicated Internship Program team at OSL. Together, we can shape the future of open science and open source projects.

Projects available for the Internship Program

Below is a list of projects currently available for the Internship Program:

To apply for the internship program fill out the form

Repository NameDescription
conda-forge-warningA panel that shows packages from conda-forge with no maintenance activities
pyreaddbcA Python library for working with DBase database file.
ghreportGitHub Report tool
satellite-weather-downloaderA system for downloading, transforming and analysing Copernicus weather data using Xarray.
scicookieCookiecutter template for a Python package.
makimMake Improved
gh-check-pr-is-updatedThis GitHub actions aims to check if the current PR's branch is updated on top of the upstream branch.
github-actions-self-hosted-runnerDockerfile for the creation of a GitHub Actions runner image to be deployed dynamically.
containers-sugarSimplify the usage of containers
github-actions-chatgpt-pr-reviewerThis GitHub actions uses OpenAI ChatGPT in order to review the changes presented in a PR and will recommend improvements.
semantic-release-pr-title-checkChecks for Angular commit message format in the Pull Request Title.
CrawlClimaThis package contains the PEGATWEETS and PEGATEMPERATURA modules for automatically capturing tweets and weather data.
downloader-appA shapefiles downloader.
fqlearnA graphic solver tool to teach mass transfer and thermodynamics.
pydatastructsPyDataStructs aims to be a Python package for various data structures and algorithms (including their parallel implementations).