Affiliated Projects #

We proudly showcase a curated list of innovative and diverse projects that are part of the Open Science Labs family. Each of these projects embodies our commitment to open science and technology, and they play a pivotal role in driving forward our shared goals. These collaborations not only strengthen our community but also contribute significantly to the broader field of open source and scientific research. Below, you'll find information about each project.

ArtBox #

ArtBox is a tool set for handling multimedia files with a bunch of useful functions.

ArxLang #

ArxLang Project is compounded mainly by three sub-projects: ASTx, IRx, and Arx.

ASTx is an agnostic expression structure for AST. It is agnostic because it is not specific to any language, neither to the ArxLang project, although its main focus is to provide all needed feature for ArxLang.

IRx aims to provide a translator to LLVM-IR from ASTx objects.

Arx is a new programming language that uses the power of LLVM to provide a multi-architecture machine target code generation.

Envers #

Envers is a command-line tool (CLI) designed to manage and version environment variables for different deployment stages such as staging, development, and production. It provides a secure and organized way to handle environment-specific configurations.

fqlearn #

This Project aims to facilitate the teaching of unit operations and thermodynamics.

Makim #

Makim (or makim) is based on make and focus on improve the way to define targets and dependencies. Instead of using the Makefile format, it uses yaml format.

noWorkflow #

The noWorkflow project aims at allowing scientists to benefit from provenance data analysis even when they don't use a workflow system. It transparently collects provenance from Python scripts and notebooks and provide tools to support the analysis and management of the provenance.

PyDataStructs #

PyDataStructs project aims to be a Python package for various data structures and algorithms (including their parallel implementations).

SciCookie #

SciCookie is a template developed by that creates projects from project templates.

Sugar #

Sugar aims to organize your stack of containers, gathering some useful scripts and keeping this information centralized in a configuration file. So the command line would be very simple.