The Open Science Labs Guideline is a collection of documents about how to get started in specific areas. #

Articles #

In this section, there are the guideline about how to write the blog posts for Open Science Labs. OSL Blogs can be accessed here.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) #

Open Science Labs (OSL) is a community that offers an open space to share, learn and teach topics related to Open Science and Computational Technologies to people from Latin America or any part of the world.

DEI is a very important aspect of our community and we really care about that.

In this section we can find our initial DEI declaration.

DevOps #

In this section, we have the documentation about all our infrastructure (work in progress), and our goal is to have the necessary information for anyone who wants to help us in the DevOps tasks.

Discord #

Fund Raiser #

In the section, we are gathering all the information and investigation results about grants, institutes, fiscal sponsors, etc that can help us to decide the fund raising activities and help other communities as well.

Mentoring #

In this section, there are documents about Open Science Labs Mentoring program. The mentoring could be running as a community mentoring, where someone from the community for the mentoring program and Open Science Labs tries to find one mentor inside our community, using discord, or using the social media, in order to reach someone outside.

Another way that the mentoring can happen is inside the internship program.

Roadmap #

If you are interested in the Open Science Labs next steps, please check our Roadmap.

Governance #

For more information about our project governance, please check governance document.